Ultima Gstaad


Ultima Gstaad in August.

What a beautiful way to end my stay in Switzerland before starting the rehearsals of our play in Paris. We chose the Ultima Gstaad, this time in the summer, to end our stay in Gstaad. This brand new Hotel which opened last December has a different atmosphere from what you can find in Gstaad.
I see it as a very luxury boutique Hotel. You’ll only find suites there. The bedrooms are really impressive. You feel like in your very own chalet.

A new type of luxury.

Last week, I’ve experienced one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.
You might know that I basically LOVE spending my days off in Gstaad for Christmas, New Year’s and also in the summer.
Gstaad is a little planet where you meet people from all around the world, discover new places every year